Monday, 16 June 2008

The best laid plans...

Scratch that "starting tomorrow" as this computer is still not right. One day I'll have a working desktop and be able to actually do the things I want to do with this machine. Until then my PC guy and I are going to be having a few unplanned (and undesired) extra meetings.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

S17: JHH Lowengard - Ada Went to the Library // A Fresh Start

"She read some books, she walked around."

I would not normally post on a Sunday, but have decided to as I have something to report anyway and I might as well write something up at the same time. We'll come to that a little later. First, a little about the song.

JHH Lowengard has a peculiar little corner of the Internet where occasionally things pop up. It is well worth a look. Jhhl can also be found at one of my favourite haunts: This song is from a small group of tracks written for his then 0-1 year old daughter, Ada, with his wife, Nancy Graham. As is quite often the case with these things, I cannot recall exactly how I came about the site. It could have been via the 365 Days Project, it could have been by some other avenue. A full set of MP3s is available from this page.

There is a potential video for this entry, but I'll only be linking to the page itself from here. This is Love is So Sweet: A short animated video by JHHL, Nancy and Ada.

Download: JHH Lowengard - Ada Went to the Library

I will, starting tomorrow, be running the S+7 Method from scratch. This follows from a talk with a friend about the merits of the system as a process of selection. He quite correctly pointed out that it is not a perfect system as it is not an all-inclusive sorting method and looping can occur quickly in some lists, especially small ones. I have been looking for fresh ways to apply this constraint on various aspects of my day-to-day life, such as selecting films to watch, books to read, even food from menus and have found plenty of occasions where items have been left out of S+7 arrangements. As a consequence the decision has been made instead to run a reductive S+7 system.

Besides this, I plan to be a little more open about the iteration of each step within the system so there is no doubt as to the methodology.