Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Too Much Filler.

Mother, in a fit of insanity, has bought six litres of sandwich filling (because it was reduced); we've hardly any bread to sandwich it in.

I will come back to this blog soon. I will. I have a lot of studying to be getting on with at the moment, so I'm letting that take up my time. I have, however, decided to share this little thing of mine. It's a piece I composed back when I was doing my Music A-Level. There are five versions of it here (really, it's the same piece five times over), with occasionally subtle variations due to changing the instrument set in the MIDI to MP3 converter I chose to use for the task. This alone makes it more interesting than some remix EPs I have heard, and the tracks are short, which makes it better than these same remix EPs. May it do what it will: