Monday, 21 July 2008

Another blank page.

I will start here again on August 1, which seems as good a day as any, with something a little special. Thenceforth shall I restart this faltering project as intended. Until then, please do keep checking in with those feeds that populate my sidebar; I put them there for a reason.


Greer said...

Hi Eiron, I hope things go smoothly this time around. You've certainly had more than your share of computer troubles.

Did you finish Ulysses?

Eiron Page said...

Thanks very much. I hope so too.

Just finished Ulysses yesterday, whilst sat in hospital. Now reading the long introduction the book has, then will focus my attentions on 'Never Again' by Doug Nufer, a book which is unique in being novella-length and using not a single word twice.

Greer said...

Hospital?? I hope everything is OK.

Congratulations on finishing. Did you like it?

I often read the introduction last too.

Anonymous said...

It'll be nice to see a restart but please don't push yourself too much.

C xxx

Eiron Page said...

Things are fine enough, we hope.

I did enjoy the book. I'd recommend it if only I felt I got the most out of it. Eventually I'll get round to reading the Greek myths and give it another go.

I do like the introductions that Penguin have in their editions, but do feel they'd be better placed as critical reading at the end of the book. Too much can be given away by reading those things first.