Friday, 1 August 2008

A rather poultry apology.

Cluckin' A.

This blog so far has been all good intentions but with little in the way of actual content. I hope with this post to redeem myself a little before beginning afresh on Monday as previously planned. A full explanation is included in the file, but in short this is my by-now moderately (but internationally) infamous chicken-themed compilation, which has been given in CD-swaps, as currency in small bartering exchanges, and snuck into the CD collections of several Brighton cafés, bars and shops. I call it That Chicken CD?.

[Edit: This is the same version as was received by James of Appetite for Distraction. I include notes to this effect in the .zip file itself, but neglected to say so here, hence his comment.]

Download: That Chicken CD? (rapidshare | sharebee)


James! said...

Now is this different than the Chicken CD you sent me?

Eiron Page said...

No. This is the exact same one. If you like, I can post a set of supplementary chicken songs for you at a later date.