Monday, 4 August 2008

S1: Kid Ory - Savoy Blues

Kid Ory, besides being a jazz trombonist, was also a bandleader (hiring many illustrious names in his career, including Louis Armstrong) and was composer of the Savoy Blues. Trying to find accurate information about the composition itself appears unseasonably difficult, but it seems to be (at least according to this page) one of the key pieces that drew the focus in ensemble performance toward key solo performances rather than keeping the group uniformly balanced.

As I cannot find accurate information I'd sooner not take the risk of saying anything too wildly innacurate, so shall leave the description of the piece at that and let those who wish to learn more do their own, probably more successful research.

As for the collection this is featured on, Hittin' on All Six: a History of the Jazz Guitar, it is a reasonable document of early jazz up to the 1960s, though it must be said the full history of jazz guitar does include its early development as a full-fledged jazz instrument, so many of the earlier tracks, such as the one featured do not feature guitar so prominently (Savoy Blues is more a cornet solo piece, but there is a guitar solo in there). I have also read a few reviews of it as being mediocre in terms of recording quality. What it lacks in quality it certainly more than makes up for in quantity (as Michel Gondry says, "quantity lasts and quality goes") and for the price this stands as a very decent introductory record for those wishing for a convenient starting point in the genre and/or early popular music history.

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