Saturday, 16 August 2008

S4: The Alpha Conspiracy - Defend Yourself

Nobody else will.

Knobtweaker was amongst the advance guard (somewhere I shall almost certainly never find myself, as I shuffle along in my esoteric fashion) when it came to its knowledge of present and future indie-dance credibility. Now it is sadly no longer with us, but on re-listening to (part of) their Best of 2005 list I find it still beats in terms of class and dance-ability the set-lists of those indie-music DJs locally - we have them, even here in the back-end of Nowhere - who think they are with the curve, at best.

As it is, I wish I'd made better use of their writing at the time, as I hit upon them exactly when I was trying to take too much in and could have done with honing my blog interests a little, as I seem to have managed now. I read those in my sidebar, a handful of others at times and keep it at that, even though I probably still have somewhere a list of all those I tried to read - far too much to actually glean any usable knowledge from.

My system recently has demonstrated a fondness for instrumental tracks. This song does contain lyrics, but damned if I can actually discern any. Of course, what's important is the sound and to my ears this is an original and intensely palatable slice of driving electronica, quite at odds to those tracks posted so far in this run. Nice to have something a little more energetic about the place on occasion.

Download: The Alpha Conspiracy - Defend Yourself

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Our latest absence was prompted, as usual, by another computer glitch. The current status is rather more optimistic as we have a good Internet connection in spite of running under Vista. More news as it breaks, which in my case is probably the most appropriate word for it.

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