Tuesday, 5 August 2008

S2: Negativland - Bluhbluhbluhluhluhluhluhluhla.

Negativland became one of, if not the most famous sound collage bands in the world when their release U2 brought them to the attention of the band's lawyers - then to the band themselves (in a somewhat fascinating way) - and nearly destroyed them. But still they persevere and continue to put out new material, most recently Thigmotactic, released earlier this year. All of their music can be streamed from their website and several downloads are available.

This particular soundbyte is one of the system sounds created by The Weatherman, whose own part of the main site can be found here. I can no longer find most of the sounds, though a few are still available. Negativland's philosophy of art and music is an interesting one, and their archives are well worth examining, whatever your opinion on the culture of plunderphonics, unauthorised sampling and intellectual property ownership.

Download: Negativland - Bluhbluhbluhluhluhluhluhluhla.

Here's a video of one of my favourite Negativland things:

EDIT: Anybody who came here recently might have noticed the video wasn't correct. This has since been fixed.


Matt said...

I've got those system sounds stored away on a disc somewhere. I'll post them up if I come across them.

Eiron Page said...

I have them all too. If anybody wants them, for whatever reason, just ask.

substitute said...

anyone got those sounds? I lost them years ago

Eiron Page said...

If you like, I can zip them up and send them your way. Drop me a line at my email address, which you can find in the "How They Get There" part of the sidebar.