Tuesday, 1 April 2008

S2: Jason Webley - Eleven Saints

"It's a coffee percolator going wheeeeee!"

This will be a short entry as I know very little about the artist. So, what can I tell you about it? It was rated by Fongolia over at Fong Songs as the Catchiest Song of 2006 and Fabulist!'s Olga and Jewlie dug it too. It was a collaboration with Seattle poet Jay Thompson as part of Jason Webley's collaborations project and is, due to extremely limited runs of these collaborative releases, no longer available to purchase. This page has details of all of Jason's recordings, as well as track samples (rather than sample tracks, hence no MP3 links here).

The video, below, was home made by Webley and friends over two days and is a lot of fun. I shall leave you to enjoy that and I shall enjoy my coffee.

Official website, where you should be sure to check out Webley's collection of short stories.

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