Tuesday, 22 April 2008

S12: Bulldozerman - 8 Hours 53 Minutes

No picture, but then this is a short track* so I shall make it a short entry.

This track is part of a larger project conducted by Soulseek Records, the first of those entitled 24 Hour Massacre. This is a collaborative work where the artists try to segue from the piece preceding theirs in order to make a seamless-feeling unit. With 40 minutes each to make their contribution and get the work delivered to the next artist in line, this demonstrates a unique form of music-making under pressure. It is worth a listen, even if you find it not to your taste. Personally, I've listened to it on a good dozen or so occasions. I find there's a lot to be taken in and a subtle artistry in the arrangements as each artist inputs their unique style into the framework of the piece, moving from another's work into their own.

They have repeated this project a subsequent two times and there is plenty more listening available on the website, including 1 Minute and 1 Second 'Massacres'.

Download: Bulldozerman - 8 Hours 53 Minutes (FTP). Try here (HTTP) if that doesn't work.
Album: On Archive.org | On Soulseek Records | Direct Download (ZIP)

To fully appreciate the track you should listen to it in context. Give it a go, even if you never listen to it, or anything like it, again.

*Honestly. The track is not 9 hours long. Not even almost. The time in the title is the time respective to the start of the 24 hour window for the project that this musician received the work.

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