Friday, 11 April 2008

S10: The Bulgarian - Listen Man

The Bulgarian. I know nothing about him except what I learned from Acid Girls (specifically here, where you can, I believe, still download the track along with many others). Acid Girls was one of my regular places to visit back when I read a ridiculous number of blogs. Probably too many. They are now posting on an on-off basis, though the emphasis lies on the off. I shall add them to my BlogRoll all the same, so you can see there if they post anything new.

I had a job interview today and, having failed to get to sleep last night, I've now been awake for approaching 40 hours. That's why this is all you're getting from me today. More organised service, hopefully seeing me taking pictures of things beyond my own four walls, will resume commence next week. I am also thinking of means of sharing the music a little more. Can anybody recommend good, but extremely affordable, hosting options?

The Bulgarian's MySpace

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JC said...

Fileden is fine. But as and when your blog becomes very popular, it gets a bit pricey or you run out of bandwith.