Thursday, 10 April 2008

S9: Casual, Rock Marciano, Vordual Mega & Tragedy Khadafi – Think Differently

"Once the thread is knitted for seven digits, it's just business. No disrespect intended."

Hip hop's not generally my thing. This album, though it is lyrically trite as hip hop goes, filled with the sorts of gangsta' lingo that we middle class suburbanites who imagine with horror that people just can't live like this can do ought but tut and wiggle our fingers at because we know that it just isn't done to "sho(o)t the drug dealer" (rather he should be re-educated in order to become a valuable contributor to society) and so on, does have some great production values. Of said criticism, one is led to believe that if one actually takes the time to read the lyrics they will gain little. Indeed, in this example, one can find peculiarities such as Mr Tragedy Khadafi claiming that he is, "blowin' ox', like oxygen, out of my nostrils," which causes this listener to question whether this is simile nestled within a metaphor the meaning of which may help reveal some greater worldly truth or whether it is more literal and he just has really big nostrils.

Rock Marciano meanwhile can have third prize for best chicken reference in a hip hop track, losing out to Team Facelift's Dippin' Chicken in second (callmeMICKEY - now defunct - would probably agree with me here), and the track that is credited with the birth of contemporary mainstream hip hop, Rappers Delight by Sugarhill Gang. This article has given the Rappers Delight Chicken Verse its proper pride of place in lyrical history.

OK, so I'm being facetious. But it is late - it is best not to take the times of my posts too literally; certainly it is that time somewhere in the world, but not here - and I have to be up and active tomorrow. It's not that I lack enthusiasm - if you have any passion for hip hop this album is worth adding to your collection - and if I came across this album on any other day I'd probably be singing its praises.

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