Wednesday, 2 April 2008

S3: Mark Hamn - Mono

One thousand shapes in shades of grey.

Our next step takes us to the first netlabel release of the blog, one Prefixes by Mark Hamn. The artist and his label - Webbed Hand Records - are decidedly vague about what the album is supposed to sound like, instead informing the prospective listener, "This is high-quality sound art that really deserves close and repeated listenings to be best appreciated," and leaving it at that.

I shall do similarly, providing just the one video of Mark Hamn that is available on YouTube, the song itself, and direct links to where you can read more about and/or download the album.

This is the first really challenging work to be posted here, though I am sure there will be more to follow at a later date. This is not meant to be easy listening, however, and I hope you might give the piece a chance, even if you absolutely cannot get on with it. This is sound art and, as with all art, many will find it difficult to appreciate compared to those audio canvasses that are familiar and easier on the ear.

Download: Mark Hamn - Mono

Album: On | On Webbed Hand Records | Direct Download (ZIP)

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